• Well shit…

    You’re late to the bus. How do I start? Do I invest? Do I mine? Do I dwiddle my thumbs and look at memes all day?


    So what should you do? Everyone seems to be looking for some direction […]

  • JSEcoin is about to hit the world by storm. Viral Blockchain Mining via anyone’s web browser. Coins are valued at $1 today and will be leaving ICO to public exchange shortly.
    Get in while the getting is good […]

  • How many Cannabis Oriented Business’ are running 24/7 ready to talk about your business solutions?
    Stoner Hosting is that solution. Born from Move Weight, we are focused on the largest growing Market in the World. Cannabis.

  • Badkid started the topic Where do I begin? in the forum Welcome 7 months, 1 week ago

    Move Weight was always about doing more. My goal in life is to achieve greatness and help others in the process.

    A lot of my Clients are impressed by my ability to Create Websites, Handle Web Hosting, and Create Marketing Campaigns that become Viral.

    I’m really at the point where I have to focus on my inventions that are making my partners…[Read more]

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